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Gallery Artist: Estelle Chojnicki

about the artist

Born and raised in the rural countryside of Central New York. Both of her parents were Mechanical Engineering graduates from Syracuse University that enjoyed the tranquility and peace of Central New York. Having art in her blood from her name sake Grandmother, she had always dabbled in art. Attending Munson Williams Institute for the summers while residing with her Aunt in Utica, New York, many exclaimed that she should be an artist. However, leaving the dream of art behind, Chojnicki left farm country for the lights of Paris, France to receive her first Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs in 1990 from The American University of Paris.

Tragedy struck late in her senior year with the unexpected death of her brother. Coming home upon graduation, Chojnicki took her first college level art class in Figure Drawing at Syracuse University that summer. Unable to squander the passion for art any longer, it was the first of many “A’s” to come. Chojnicki continued on to receive her BFA from SUNY Oswego. While attending school, working full-time and consoling her parents, she met her now husband Eric.

Due to the nature of her husbands’ work, Chojnicki has moved extensively throughout the US and is now residing in Barrington, Rhode Island with their Autistic daughter and triplet sons. Throughout the moves and raising their children, her art has been an outlet to express that which lies within. The colors of her paintings are drawn from the memories of the corn fields, the fall of the autumn leaves, and the harsh winters of Central New York. While the energy comes forth from her travels from New York to Paris, from East coast to West coast, and points in between. The canvas remains the outlet of her abstract expressionism and up to the interpretation and the imagination of the viewer to enjoy.


artist's statement

When I start a piece I see what size canvas “moves” me.  Then I decide what colors are “moving” or “inspiring” me for that size canvas.

I want to captivate the viewer with color and movement forcing their eye to look and keep looking around the canvas. To take them into the piece.

The goal is for the viewerto not want to let go andto stir something up inside of them;  to move them and their inner soul.

There is no “story” behind my pieces. I see it as a peek at my soul at the moment that I am creating.  I don’t like to go into a piece with a plan.   For me,  Art is a release….a release of a little bit of the private inner me.