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Gallery Artist: monica lee-henell

about the artist

Monica Lee-Henell is an artist and creative mentor.  She was the host of the Smart Creative Women podcast from 2012 to 2016, interviewing over 300 women in the business of creativity, bringing her perspective as a creative entrepreneur and professional artist to the show. She was listed in 5 Best Podcasts for Women Entrepreneurs.

She has illustrated live from the runway during London Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week where she also installed her Beauty to Chaos painting series in the DFO International Showroom before turning to painting full time.  

Her years living in Hawaii as a young girl and as an international flight attendant have embedded an permanent wanderlust for travel and curiosity in her spirit. Her new paintings brings all these experiences to light. 

artist's statement

I paint what I refer to as the “thin places.” When the daily mask of routine is lifted. A thin place is an ancient Celtic term used to describe a glimpse at the Divine. It’s a raising of the veil when you are aware of something larger than yourself.  We all have had these moments, yet they are hard to put into words.

Graceful, vibrant, awakening moments, when we touch the mysterious.
An artist’s job is to be awake. Remain awake and awaken others. We are not meant to slumber through our gorgeous lush lives.

I want my art to feel bold and intimate in the same moment.  I desire to create a sensory experience for myself, and for the viewer.   The art is meant to linger in the delicate space of your psyche.