At Candita Clayton Gallery we truly love art and helping our clients to make the most of what they have by helping curate their collections, adding new pieces that fit their taste and budget and installing and caring for their art. We take great pride in helping our clients to maintain the pieces they have chosen by updating framing, packing and moving fine art and rehanging in new homes or offices.

introducing private curation & installation services

We provide a white glove service of art curation, installation and documentation. We also can assist in styling a space with the art in it and make design suggestions to match the client's taste and aesthetic.


What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Candita has an art history and contemporary art background. As the owner of Candita Clayton Gallery, she has curated and hung art on a daily basis for the past 8 years. She loves working with artists, collectors and designers to place and install art, and help her clients choose what reflects their taste and values.


What types of customers have you worked with?

We have a wide range of experiences installing art. Most of our customers have either recently moved into a new home, have renovated or just want to completely rework their collection. A collection does not have to be fancy or expensive to have great meaning to a person.


What does it cost?

The hourly rate is $85. Candita works efficiently and collects as much information about the job in advance to provide each client with high service and ultimate value.


Schedule our services

To schedule these services, please send an inquiry email to Please allow at least 48 hours advance notice in order to secure your ideal time frame.